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MPs reject the ‘kazi mtaani’ initiative, say it should be restructured

Members of parliament want the ‘kazi mtaani’ initiative called off and restructured to shape its management.

The legislators told the Cabinet secretary for National treasury Okur Yatani that the government needs to go back to drawing board and restructure the initiative in an efficient manner and in a way that the program can accommodate the yoiths’ welfare across the country.

They complained that majority of youths have been locked out of the program, citing the risk of losing government funds to the project.

The cabinet secretary Yatani however said that the initiative will run as programmed upto the end of the year in order to help the youths get back to their feet after the Covid19 epidemic.

Cs Yatani also admitted that there had been challenges at the beginning of the program which have been rectified.

“The initial phase was funded by last year’s budget. We intend to implement it at every constituency headquarters going forward.” Cs Yatani said.

President Uhuru Kenyatta had earlier directed the national treasury to set aside Sh10 billion package to hire youths to ensure hygiene in slums and within Central business districts (CBDs) across the country.

The members of parliament however derided the president’s quick implementation of the program during their third leadership summit, August 26.

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