The Role of Physics in Engineering

If you are interested in building your career in Engineering, then studying physics is obvious. We cannot imagine our life without Physics. The future technology directly or indirectly is related to physicists who have made a huge contribution to the world. Engineering is a profession in which scientific knowledge and mathematics

“My fear for this and the next generation”, Hon Evans Momanyi.

Photo courtesy(Hon.Evans Momanyi) A fear for our generation..Not a usual fear but I fear that we may also repeat the same mistakes that our Fathers are doing at thee time. A fear that we may also deceive our children we're truly independent at the this time yet we don't control our economies

Education CS Magoha told to review term dates

Few months ago I brought forward my concerns on too much pressure being given to students. I Pointed out that CS Magoha was ill-advised on schools calendar/terms just to recover from Covid inflictions. I pointed out that because of this pressure students will resists. How can you force a form

Credible primaries not optional in the Orange Democratic Movement – ODM

By Dr. Vincent O. Ngore ODM has repeatedly cried foul in the last three consecutive presidential elections. Kenyans understand the eyesore of electoral malpractices pretty well. It need not be overemphasised. Pundits have argued that the only reason Kenyan presidential elections have been easy to manipulate is the fact that the