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Raila Odinga narrates how he escaped a fourth Detention

Raila Odinga narrates how he escaped a fourth Detention

Orange Democratic Movement Leader Raila Odinga has given a detailed narration on how he escaped a fourth detention during the leadership of the late President Moi.

While addressing the press today in the wee hours of the morning at Capitol Hill, the Opposition leader disclosed how he escaped and outsmarted government machineries that were determined to have him detained. According to Raila, he took off and was evacuated by Catholic Grace Father Mark Opiyo and a Catholic nun Sister Dianne from the United States.

They took him, gave him a white priestly collar then named Father Augustine from Machakos, a name which the former Prime Minister admits he did not know how they arrived at.Throughout their journey, they were able to bypass all the police roadblocks from Nairobi all the way to Kisumu where he was taken to the Kisumu Catholic Mission up on the hill and introduced there as Father Augustine.From there, he was transferred to Rang’ala Mission in Ugenya then taken home and kept in a house without anyone noticing his presence.

Thereafter, he was picked from Rang’ala and tansferred to Sirongo Beach in Bondo then boarded a makeshift boat to Ndeda Island where he met a 19 year old young man called Robert Njura. The next events would see Raila Odinga being steered at night on a rickety boat by Robert, a form three student at Makunda Secondary School across Lake Victoria all the way to Uganda.It is from the neighboring Uganda that Mr. Odinga was able to be flown to exile in Norway in the year 1991.

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