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Governor Sakaja corners 3 thieves with stolen medicine

Governor Sakaja Corners 3 thieves sneaking with medicine.

Governor Johnson Sakaja has today morning arrested 3 thieves who had stolen medicine that he purchased from the Kenya Medical Supplies Authority (KEMSA).

The 3 men who were in a Toyota Van full of the drugs were caught at the Lady Northey Health Center by the hawk-eyed police officers trying to sneak the commodities out.

According to those who were at the scene, the drugs were headed to Murang’a county where they would be sold to unknown pharmacists and other private hospitals at a profit.

“Sakaja ona kazi yenye unafanya jameni. Unafanya kazi mzuri lakini watu wanaharibu. Hi ni dawa yote watu wanaiba. Yani governor ananunua dawa na watu wengine kazi yao ni kuuza?” (Governor sakaja see how your doing a good job but some people are here to sabotage the same. You are availing drugs to Nairobians but some cartels are hellbent on making profit at the expense of the people). Said one man at the background.

Consequently, Governor Johnson Sakaja has reportedly deployed over 100 police officers in all the county hospitals to ensure all thieves are arrested and taken to court.

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