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Kenyans caught in human trafficking in Laos, China

Twenty-two Kenyans are said to have been rescued from a human trafficking racket in Laos, Eastern China. But this has been a trend, of late.

In a recent case like that, just the past few weeks, some Kenyans were also rescued in Myanmar. In this recent revelation, it has also been reported that some Burundians and Ugandans were also in the mix during the rescue.
Human trafficking cases have been on the rise, especially ones that involve Kenyan nationals. For example, there have been several cases of girls going to Middle Eastern countries for jobs, but they end up getting mistreatments and disappointments from their employers.

A few girls that have been spoken to have come to condemn their employers, saying that when they are being approached for these Asian opportunities, they are promised good money and a decent job. However, things turn south the moment they alight at the airport. The environment that they encounter at the hands of their employers has always been unbearable, making some of them seek support from Kenya’s High Commission offices in those countries.

Interestingly, some of these girls have found themselves in prostitution and cybercrime jobs, something that they’d never have imagined doing had they stayed at home.
It is noteworthy to say that many of these cases have occurred even though the home government has intervened and urged these girls to explore opportunities at home and to stop job offers from Asian countries.

The situations have been so dangerous to the point that there have been numerous death cases, with Kenyan girls being brought home with caskets – after many brutal mistreatments at the hands of their Asian employers.

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