Kenya-Japan’s multi billion shillings agreement

Multi billion financial agreements, worth KSh350 billion, have been signed during President William Ruto’s visit to Japan.These agreements will support projects and programmes in sectors that are aimed at turning around the economic fortunes of the country.The largest projects to benefit are the Dongo Kundu Infrastructure Ecosystem and the Mombasa

Special Economic Zones to spur economic growth

The government is implementing measures to foster industrial growth and ensure it is commensurate with the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). President William Ruto said the government is equipping Special Economic Zones with the necessary facilities to attract investors. He noted that this will attract foreign direct investment, drive industrial growth

Iran’s twin blasts claim 73 lives, dozens injured

Twin deadly blasts claimed at least 73 lives, while more than 170 were injured on Wednesday. The incident is a suspected terrorist attack.The two blasts happened near the burial ground of Iran’s late commander, Qassem Soleimani, in the Southwestern province of Kerman, about 820 kilometers (510 miles) Southeast of the

Kenyan arrested in India with cocaine worth Sh.8m

A Kenyan has been arrested in India for allegedly being found with cocaine worth Sh8m. The woman had arrived in India on 28th December. The woman passenger was arrested at Mumbai's Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport, carrying 1.4 kilos of cocaine valued at approximately Sh8 million, officials reported.Cases of drug trafficking

Dr. Manu Chandaria and Father Joseph Mutie Awarded at the 2023 Global Peace Convention

Dr. Manu Chandaria and Father Joseph Mutie Awarded at the 2023 Global Peace Convention

Ayushi Chandaria and Fr. Mutie receiving their awards. The just concluded 2023 Global Peace Convention in Manila, Philippines, has seen the recognition of exceptional individuals from various countries who have made remarkable contributions to the promotion of peace and shared prosperity. Among the distinguished awardees were two outstanding Kenyan individuals, Dr.

Kenya and India strengthen bileteral ties

Kenya and India have signed five memoranda of understanding to enhance bilateral relations, and further trade between the two countries.President William Ruto said forging stronger ties with India will be instrumental in advancing Kenya’s Bottom-Up Empowerment Transformation Agenda.The President said Kenya stands to gain significantly from India’s progress in technology,

Kenya and South Korea to strengthen their trade ties

The relationship between Kenya and South Korea continues to get stronger on the diplomatic, trade and business fronts.The ties are set to go a notch higher following an agreement by President William Ruto and President Yoon Suk Yeol to set up a Joint Economic Committee.It will fast-track the areas of

Ruto calls for Saudi Arabia and Africa trade ties

President William Ruto has called for enhanced trade ties between Saudi Arabia and Africa in the development and exploitation of clean energy.The President observed that the combined hydrocarbon and green energy resources Saudi Arabia and Africa hold enough promise to meet current and future global energy demands.“If we work together,

Why Cynthia Kimathi is the reigning Mrs Heritage International Kenya

Cynthia Kimathi is not just the reigning Mrs Heritage International Kenya 2023, she is a cultural ambassador, a pillar of her community, and a catalyst for change. Her story is one of dedication to her country's rich heritage, passion for community empowerment, and a commitment to create a better future

Support Bottom-Up economic model – Ruto to China

President William Ruto has urged Chinese business people to invest in projects in Kenya to spur the Bottom-Up economic model. That way, the President noted that his pet economic model, the Bottom-Up Economic model, will be augmented in economic Transformation Agenda in Kenya.He asked the investors to explore opportunities that