KU supports families of deceased students

Kenyatta University has provided financial assistance to the families of 11 students who tragically lost their lives in a recent road accident.The 11 students were among a group of 58 who were heading to Mombasa for an academic trip when one of their school bus collided with a trailer at

Hustler fund to be Sharia-law compliant – Ruto

The Hustler Fund will be recalibrated to allow Muslims consume the product, making it a Sharia-law compliant.President William Ruto said packaging the Fund to be Shariah compliant will deepen financial inclusion in Kenya.He said so far more than seven million Kenyans are benefiting from the Hustler Fund that is barely

Manufacturing sector to boost exports, says Ruto

The government is rolling out incentives to attract investors to the manufacturing sector, President William Ruto has said.The President said the goal is to grow the country’s manufacturing sector to an ambitious 20 per cent of our GDP by 2030.He pointed out that strategic investment in manufacturing will increase exports,

We’ve fertilizer for all farmers, Ruto assures

William Ruto has assured famers that he is satisfied with the ongoing distribution of fertilisers.However, he noted that the process must be accelerated on account of increased rains across the country.He assured farmers across the country that there is sufficient stock to meet the demand of each and everyone of

American moonshiners and their thievery trickery

During the Prohibition era in the United States (1920-1933), American moonshiners faced the challenge of evading law enforcement while producing and distributing illegal alcohol. To outsmart the police and navigate through fields undetected, these resourceful bootleggers came up with a clever invention known as "heifer-heels." Heifer-heels were specially designed shoes

Kenya and Guinea-Bissau renew trade ties

Kenya and Guinea-Bissau are implementing far-reaching policies that will boost trade between the two countries.President William Ruto said while the current trade volume between the two countries is low, there is potential for improvement.He cited the African Continental Free Trade Area Agreement that is poised to enhance commerce.President Ruto said

President Ruto honoured in Ghana

Ghana has awarded President William Ruto the country’s highest honour, The Companion of the Order of the Star of the Volta.Conferring the honour at a State banquet on Wednesday evening, President Nana Akufo-Addo said President Ruto was an “example of a new generation of African leaders” who have decided to

Kenya and Ghana in a 7-pact agreement

Kenya and Ghana have signed seven agreements aimed at enhancing bilateral relations between the two countries.President William Ruto said the MoUs, including some signed by business associations from Kenya and Ghana, are aimed at facilitating trade and investment between the two nations.The goal, he said, is to expand opportunities for

Earthquake hits Taiwan, 1 dead as scores injured

A 7.2 magnitude earthquake rocked Taiwan on Wednesday, the strongest tremor to hit the island in at least 25 years. One person is reported to have died and scores injured.The tremor later sparked a tsunami warning for southern Japan and the Philippines that was later lifted. Taiwan's fire department reported one