Credible primaries not optional in the Orange Democratic Movement – ODM

By Dr. Vincent O. Ngore ODM has repeatedly cried foul in the last three consecutive presidential elections. Kenyans understand the eyesore of electoral malpractices pretty well. It need not be overemphasised. Pundits have argued that the only reason Kenyan presidential elections have been easy to manipulate is the fact that the

“I am a Gift from Africa to give the World a More Human Face” – Teddy Warria

By Anne Pratt Teddy Warria, a beloved son of the Nile, with his inspiring work and insights into the human condition, is a generous gift from Africa. This poetic and compelling way of storytelling our life and leadership journey beckons us to define our own rich, powerful story of origin

Identity and Ethnicity in Kenya

Dr. Vincent Ongore

By Dr. Vincent O. Ongore Dr. Vincent Ongore Dear Kenyans. Today, I revisit the question of identity, and its implications for nationhood. As teachers, we often get to feel the pulse of the nation through our pupils who are drawn from across the ethnical, political, geographical, and 'class' landscapes of Kenya. It's

William Ruto & his “Yellow clad” characters are the Problem – Sifuna

By Edwin Sifuna Edwin Sifuna We have watched with intense bemusement, after weeks of comical tongue-stiffening on National TV, tangatanga trying to explain their pseudo economical model, Bottom Up. They have comically tried to frame the argument as between the so called bottom up viz trickle down economic models, whilst demonstrating they have

Devolution is the ultimate Rural Transformation Economic Model

By H. E. Cornel Rasanga Amoth, EGH The Constitution of Kenya, 2010 ushered in devolution that completely revolutionized decision making and key aspects of development that addresses the current ongoing debate on economic models that best address poverty issues continuing to bedevil our country Kenya. The devolved governments in their conceptualization

University Of Nairobi’s restructuring likely to stir Controversy

Dr. Vincent Ongore

By Dr. Vincent O. Ongore Dr. Vincent Ongore. The strategic move by the university of Nairobi to reduce management layers is quite a bold one. If the main objective of the proposed restructuring is to enhance value proposition through improved efficiency and effectiveness in service delivery, flattening of managerial hierarchies, and making