Govt urged to reintroduce milk program in schools

Fafi MP has asked the national government to reintroduce in schools the famous milk program of 1990s.Speaking yesterday, the legislator was adamant that the milk program is well within the national government's arm's reach, asking them to give it a shot. The announcement comes hot on the heels of the

President Boakai fails to end his maiden speech

Liberia's new President Joseph Boakai failed to end his speech and had to be helped away from the podium during his maiden speech.Mr Boakai, 79, had been speaking for around 30 minutes at his inauguration ceremony when it became clear that he was having difficulty continuing.He failed twice to carry

Government push for cheap universal health coverage

The government will work with the private sector to actualise Universal Health Coverage.President William Ruto said the Government will support the pharmaceutical sector to strengthen its local manufacturing capacity.The Head of State noted that the Government will review the tax regime and the cost of doing business in the sector.The

We’ll improve our healthcare, says President Ruto

The Government is rebuilding a potent and reliable healthcare system, making it more efficient and effective.President William Ruto said the new system will be less burdening and people-centred. He noted that it will be progressive, responsive and sustainable. “Kenya’s will be a shining example to the world,” he

Relief as Ruto signs Universal Health Coverage bills

Kenyans will now access quality healthcare in an efficient and affordable manner after President signed Universal Health Coverage bills.This follows the signing of four revolutionary and progressive Universal Health Coverage bills on Thursday by President William Ruto.They are the Primary Health Care Act, 2023, the Digital Health Act, 2023, the

Bomb strikes Al-Ahli Hospital in Gaza, killing 500

In a tragic and reprehensible incident, Al-Ahli Hospital, a critical medical facility in Gaza, became the target of a devastating bombing, resulting in the loss of approximately 500 innocent lives. The attack, which occurred on [insert date], has left the international community shocked and appalled at the senseless loss of

Wefox appoints Jonathan Wismer as Group CFO

Wefox is stepping up its plans for profitable growth and global expansion with the appointment of Jonathan Wismer as its new Group Chief Financial Officer (CFO) effective 1 October 2023.  Mr. Wismer joins the company’s executive team and reports to Julian Teicke, founder and CEO of wefox. Co-founder and current CFO, Fabian

French parliament decries bedbugs infestation

Several French parliamentarians have expressed concern about the extent of the bedbug infestation and its consequences on the health and well-being of those affected. Stories of families facing major infestations have been shared, highlighting the challenges they face in getting rid of these pests. Representatives from the Department of Health presented