President Uhuru to issue his last state of the nation adress

President Uhuru Kenyatta will on Tuesday 30th November issue his eighth and final state of nation address. President Uhuru's address of joint parliament come days when the country is coping with the effects of COVID-19. President Kenyatta's tenure has been characterized with great infrastructural development, improved social amenities and Agricultural production. The adress

ODM to nominate it’s candidates by delegates system

Speaking at Jakaranda grounds lower Savannah Embakasi East constituency the ODM party leader hinted possibility of ODM going for delegates system. The Orange party is known for fraudulent nominations which Raila is determined to end. Should ODM go for delegates system a number of aspirants who have been hitting ground popularizing their

Wahome Thuku deconstructs William Ruto

RAILA Odinga did not tell us he will soon be the kingpin of Mt Kenya.He did not come to tell us that we will soon be asking for permission from him to enter the mountain.He did not tell us to join ODM. He knows very well we won't. We have

“Stop lamenting, go for visionary leaders.” Smokin Opondo tells nyanza leaders.

Photo courtesy: Hon.Smokin Opondo Honourable Smokin Opondo, north Sakwa ward aspirant tells the lamenting leaders to stop the complain and go for visionary leaders. In his well narrated story today to Nyanza Daily, Mr Opondo says that Kenya, especially Nyanza region needs committed leaders with vision and not Raila and

“My fear for this and the next generation”, Hon Evans Momanyi.

Photo courtesy(Hon.Evans Momanyi) A fear for our generation..Not a usual fear but I fear that we may also repeat the same mistakes that our Fathers are doing at thee time. A fear that we may also deceive our children we're truly independent at the this time yet we don't control our economies