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US furious after North Korea’s inversion of Japan

North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un, standing in front of a missile.

The United States of America has come out strongly to defend her ‘friends’ in the East, Japan and South Korea, after North Korea’s inversion.

The North Korea’s inversion over Japan has provoked the US to express the disappointment with the Asian nation following the ballistic missile testing that the N. Korean government carried over Japan.

On Tuesday, North Korea fired a suspected ballistic missile over Japan for the first time in five years, prompting a rare order from Japanese officials for its residents to take shelter – and drawing international condemnation, including the one from the United States, its major ally.

It was a move that prompted US President Biden to speak with his Japanese counterpart, Prime Minister Fumio Kishida on Tuesday. According to a White House readout of the call, the United States reaffirmed it’s commitment to Japan and South Korea, two of its longtime allies.

The US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin also held calls on Tuesday with his counterparts in Japan and South Korea. The three concluded that North Korea’s inversion, by the missile launch, was “a clear violation” of U.N. Security Council resolutions.

This latest provocation by the North Korea has now triggered the United States to consider convening a security meeting involving the UN security council to deliberate on the Northerner’s cowardly latest moves.

In a twist of things, North Korea had also said that it supports Russia’s proclaimed annexation of parts of Ukraine, as Pyongyang and Moscow draw closer in the aftermath of the invasion.

Meanwhile, the diplomatic feud between Japan and Russia is deepening, as Tokyo expelled a Russian consul on Monday in retaliation for the detention and expulsion of a Japanese consul in Vladivostok.

This latest North Korea’s inversion of Japan is the seventh since the year 1998 when the Northerner conducted a missile test over Japan.

The Korea nation has conducted five rounds of ballistic missile tests since Sept. 24, ahead of the US Vice President Kamala Harris’s visit to the region last week.

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