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America’s $5m bounty to whoever finds Joseph Kony

Lords Resistance Army (LRA) leader Joseph Kony (in white suit), with some of his LRA members, in undated photo.

The United States War Crimes Rewards Program (USWCRP) has put a five-million-dollar bounty on the head of Ugandan fugitive Joseph Kony.

The amount is meant for whoever will give any information that would then lead to the arrest of the Ugandan former warlord. Joseph Kony has been on the run for 15 years now.

Kony was involved in many hinous crimes against humanity in Northern Uganda. During those days, the veteran warlord took young girls, and forced them to be his wives. He is also accused of forcefully recruiting underage boys, failure to comply with the direction would result an automatic murder.

Joseph Kony is also being accused of fighting people, which led to the displacement of two million civilians. He claimed to have received prophesies from spirits in his dreams – and children would be abducted and brainwashed into becoming his soldiers and slaves.

The crimes that he committed led to the intervention of the International Criminal Court (ICC), which is based at the Hague, Netherlands. The Rome Statute-established court deals only with crimes that violates humanity, which Joseph Kony is largely mentioned in.

The US has now come out to reiterate her position on Ugandan warlord. “Joseph Kony has been wanted for more than 15 years. You can help bring him to justice and get paid up to $ 5 million. 100% confidentiality,” the notice read.

After leading Lords Resistance Army (LRA) for 20-years, Joseph Kony was expelled from Uganda, and us currently hiding in unknown place.

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