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Politician who mingles with minors in Ugenya schools put on Notice

Daktar distributes his branded bags in schools

Despite the surge in Covid19 cases in Nyanza a new aspirant in Ugenya going by the name Daniel Odhiambo continues to conduct political activities unabated.

The politician has extended his transgression to local schools where he distributes items packaged in orange bags branded with his pictures and the words ‘Ugenya Manyien” Daniel Odhiambo for Ugenya MP 2022.

The visit to schools has been roundly criticized by residents who accuse the aspirant of violating the Ministry of Health covid 19 protocols and the Ministry of Education guidelines which bars outsiders from congregating into schools.

The violation is so blatant that the aspirant and his political campaigners pose for photos with the students, forces the students to shake his hands in violation of covid-19 protocols and splashes the pictures in social media and political WhatsApp groups.

According to him his meetings are to empower girlchild and reduce dropout, in partnership with Linda Kesho programe he has been distributing sanitary towels to school going girls.

Parents of some of the children whose pictures have been doing rounds in social media have threatened legal action against the politician for taking advantage of the children’s needs and poverty to drive his 2022 political agenda.

This they say is in contravention of Article 53 (1) (d) of the constitution which affirms that “Every child has the right—(d) to be protected from abuse, neglect, harmful cultural practices, all forms of violence, inhuman treatment and punishment, and hazardous or exploitative labour.

The parents blame the schools administrations for opening up their schools to politicians in contravention of of article 260 of the constitution and the childrens act. They say the politician is using the images taken in schools with their minors without parental consent to drive his 2022 political agenda.

The National Parents Association has advised anyone who would like to donate sanitary pads or any other items to schools to do that through the schools administrations and to desist from mingling with their children in school.

Speaking today at Harambee House, the Cabinet Secretary and the Inspector General of Police Mr. Hillary Mutyambai has given instructions to police countrywide to arrest politicians who continue to violate covid-19 protocols.

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  1. Serious action need to be taken against the aspirant,he is hiding behind the Mama Idaa foundation to put the lives of our children at risk of getting covid 19 virus at the same time interfering with learning process of our children

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