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Tension build as Campaigns intensify in Utawala

Mr. Hezron Omwoyo

Pending few days to the 21st April ODM nominations, campaigns have escalated in Utawala ward, Embakasi East Constituency, located in the green city in the sun.

Bordering the Embakasi ward, Mihang’o ward and Machakos County, Utawala harbours various social institutions ranging from  military training and administrative units, financial firms, private companies, private health and educational utilities.

Recently, Utawala recorded magnificent performance in the 2021 national primary examinations. Effectively, producing the third best pupil in the country. It is noteworthy to reiterate that identical twins from Utawala scored similar marks in the same fete.

The most appropriate description of Utawala ward, would perhaps be; a fast developing residential suburb along the southern bypass. Clear off the vast threshold of Jomo Kenyatta International Airport.

Yet, despite the huge potential that lies in Utawala, notable challenges affecting the ward among others include, lack of public utilities such as schools, hospitals, markets and fresh water. Detrimental to the development of the youthful population are high levels of unemployment.

Which greatly contributes to much grave issues of alcoholism, crime and  depression. As observed by a member of county assembly aspirant, rallying under the slogan “Linda Utawala” “It suffices to say that Utawala ward lacks leadership”

Provoked on his motive at a consultative meeting aiming to incorporate the youth , women and persons with disability in his tenure, the ODM aspirant, Mr. Hezron Omwoyo,  pointed out to the failure of Mr. Karani in solving pertinent issues contributing greatly to the overall well being of the members of Utawala ward.

“My endeavor as a representative is to ensure that Utawala becomes the best place to grow up as a young person.” Voiced out Mr. Omwoyo ahead of the Thursday nominations.

Mr. Karani issued bursaries for the first time on the 4th of April since assuming office five years ago.

Issuing the cheques to digital driving led by business man Mr. John Macharia who was equally present at the occasion. Giving out his opinion on the political state of the ward, the chairperson of youth and sports in the Constituency office, Mr. David Oduor, maintained that the people have the final say on who shall represent them and that their decision should inspire them to vote out poor leadership at the ballot.

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