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Oracle Academy and GPF train lecturers on digital computing

Global Peace Foundation Kenya and Oracled Academy conducted a digital computing training for lectures and Higher learning educators from various institutions within the country as a way of transforming education in the 21st century.

The training which falls under Oracle Academy Transforming Education computing programs, aimed at helping the educators to teach, learn, explore, build and develop in the cloud free of charge.

Such exemplary trainings equip the educators with skills on how to use the cloud for classroom teaching and learning to prepare students to become tomorrow’s technology innovators and leaders

The five-hour practical training focused on “Leveraging Oracle Academy Cloud Program” and brought together over 120 lecturers from 69 universities and colleges-computing departments, who attended the session both virtually and physically at the United States International University Africa.

It also offered an opportunity for the educators to register as members to access free Oracle Autonomous Database, Computer Virtual Machines, Object Storage, Data egress and other essential building blocks needed to create applications on top of Oracle Autonomous Databases

This significant session was officially opened by Mr. Danny Gooris, Senior Manager Oracle Academy EMEA, who explained how the Oracle Cloud program was conceived two years ago, the progress they have made and its significant role in education. He gave five reasons as to why the Oracle cloud is essential in education which includes; Free of charge, It saves time in academic calendar, Students can gain hand in experience, It’s easy to join as a member and access the online resources among others.

“Once you create an oracle account and become a member, you get free access to free curriculum, free software and free training,” he elaborated.

On behalf of the Global Peace Foundation Dr. Tony Devine, Vice President, Education in his opening speech appreciated the good working relationship between GPF-Kenya and Oracle Academy which saw a huge number of participants, despite the event being hybrid in nature.

He explained on the need to incorporate technology fully in education curriculum not only at the higher learning stage, but at all levels to ensure that both educators and students are conversant with the latest skills. He expressed confidence that such moves are in line with the mission and vision of GPF-Kenya to use education as a tool of preaching peace and development in the country and beyond.

This, he explained can be achieved through programs such as “Character and Creativity” which is one of programs the organization uses as a tool to mold learners to embrace their ability to incubate, grow and master their God given talents.

“We as Global Peace Foundation, have been very consistent on personal growth and development in life, especially in areas such as character and creativity,” explained Dr. Tony.

In his presentation, Dr. Tony also gave insight on roles of educators as role model both online and off-line to instill positive values, motivate students to learn and engage, have the life Arc of students and demonstrate genuine care for their understanding and application of knowledge gained.

“Educators play significant roles in teaching by enhancing the mindset of the students to be positive during classroom sessions in order to unleash the creativity in them”.

In her address, Ms. Bekere Amassoma, Oracle Academy Programs Manager, Sub-Sahara Africa, was delighted of the tremendous strides that the organization has made in impacting education with latest technological skills to enhance learning across the world.

She elaborated on the Oracle’s global philanthropic programs that involve computing education to increase knowledge, skills development, innovation and diversity in technology.

“Oracle Academy programs are free of charge to institutions, educators and students across the globe because our aim in to make students gain practical hands-in experience in technology,” said Bekere.

She further said that such programs have transformed lives of millions of learners both in Africa and other continents to make education process a problem solver to mankind.

“Oracle Academy, has been able to support education since 1993, and we are glad with the number of universities already involved in our programs. We intend to open our scope further in Kenya, because what we offer is very vital in teaching and learning in higher institutions,” Bekere added.

The training was facilitated by Mr. Billy Otieno and Mr. Desmond Muriu, both from Oracle and covered sub-topics such as Cloud Computing, Tech Trends and Teaching in the Cloud.

The duo took the participants through: Introduction to computing, cloud computing concept, deployment models, Oracle cloud Infrastructure, significant of teaching in the cloud, top trends in technology and career opportunities in cloud computing.

The platform was also shared by Mr. David Owino, Oracle University Principal Consultant, who focused on the free training they offer dubbed CSL Explorer. They were also able to respond to questions and recommendations from the lecturers, regarding the services and facilities that Oracle can avail to them, apart from the training of the day, especially on how to register as a member.

In his closing remarks, Mr. Daniel Juma Omondi, Global Peace Foundation Kenya Country Director, expressed his contentment on how the training was conducted and appreciated each and every one who worked tirelessly to ensure the planning was finally actualized.

In his speech, he highlighted some of the programs and commitments the organization has in transforming education and changing lives in Kenya.

“As an organization, our focus in promoting peace and coexistence is rooted on education, as a pillar of liberation and civilization. This can be achieved if we make learning and teaching an innovation driven process,” he expressed.

He added that the organization will keep the good working relationship with Oracle Academy to regularly organize such events.

At the tail end of the event, the educators shared their request for future planning led by Dr. Catherine Aurah, from the department of Science and Mathematics Education at Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology who seek the future training to be conducted in their institution.

Mr. Stephen Katoto, Lecturer of Informatics and Computing department at Taita Taveta University, promised to market and recommend Oracle Academy to Taita Taveta University to encourage the students to take advantage of the opportunity

As the curtain fell on Friday 25th March, 2022, to mark the end of the session, the success of the event could not be hidden as online participants waved and smiled on the screens to express their satisfaction. Global Peace Foundation Kenya, Oracle Academy and other like-minded institutions remain indebted to this journey of Transforming Education in Kenya and across our borders.

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