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Billionaire Scott Mackenzie seeks to divorce science teacher Dan Jewett

Billionaire philanthropist MacKenzie Scott has filed for divorce from her second husband of less than two years of their matrimony.

Scott had married a Seattle-based Science teacher Dan Jewett (whom they’ve now parted ways with) last year after divorcing Amazon founder Jeff Bezos in 2019.

Prior to that, just as recent as 2019, Mrs Scott had had to part ways with Amazon chief – with whom they were in another marriage.
Currently, Scott Mackenzie is one of the wealthiest people in the world, and a renowned philanthropist.

The divorce comes just a couple of years after another divorce – which again, involving another wealthy family of Bill and Melinda Gates – shook the world. The latter had also fashioned themselves as philanthropists, plus opening a myriad of orphanages and foundations across the globe. However, when the center could not hold, Bill Gates and his longtime wife, Melinda, could not tolerate it anymore.

Now, this latest one involving another wealthy family just invokes a chilling thought on how people who live large would still find it totally hard to stay together, even for just a decade.

Scott Mackenzie filed a petition for divorce in the King County Superior Court in Washington State on Monday, according to the Court clerk’s office.
The news was first reported by The New York Times on Wednesday.

In 2021, the couple had announced their marital union without much fanfare and through a message on their webpage for the Giving Pledge, a philanthropic organization which encourages the world’s richest people to give away a majority of their wealth to charitable causes.

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