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American YouTuber set to invest in Busia

American YouTuber Zack Nelson

American YouTuber is set to build a multimillion library in Busia County.The facility is expected to cost the Investor $75,000 (Ksh. 9m).

The investor, Zack Nelson, who runs the DIY tech JerryRigEverything, will be building a multi-million library in Budalangi, Busia County. It is established that the library will positively impact on learners at the level of Primary, secondary and tertiary institutions. The YouTube star is undertaking the project together with his ‘uncle’ Philip, a Kenyan who moved to the United States 15 years ago to pursue his studies.

This is just another effort that Philip has undertaken to give back to the society. Philip grew up in Budalang’i, before proceeding to the United States, for further studies and seeking for greener pastures.

The facility, which Philip says will be the only library within a 100-mile radius, is set to serve 10 primary schools, 6 high schools and 3 colleges in the area.

“Getting the land and building the library is about to cost US $50,000,” Nelson said in the video, adding that the process has been in the works for the past one year. The money that Nelson is now planning to inject in educating learners in Busia is a proceeds from his YouTube videos, which he has received from social media giant.

“Education can solve all of the world’s problems, which is why we have exciting news that part of the 75,000 dollars that you guys have given us by watching our videos is going to be used to build a full-size library in Kenya,” said Nelson, the American YouTuber, who commands a following of nearly 7.5 million subscribers.

The library’s is estimated to serve 10 primary school, 6 secondary schools and 3 colleges that are within a radius of 100 miles. The library will also be one of its kind in the area, which is a big boost in education sector sector of that part of the country.

The duo have since since commenced a drive towards equipping the library by mobilising Americans of goodwill to donate books, or finances. Their target is 12,000 to 15,00 books, mainly children’s books, novels, encyclopaedias and text books.

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