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Anti-terror training to boost war against terrorism

The war against terrorism received a major boost following successful completion of a rigorous mobile tactical operations training.

The tactical operations training was offered to Anti-Terrorism Police Unit’s – Emergency Response Team (ERT).

The world class training, which involved skillful tactical manoeuvres on motorbikes, has come at a time when the country is actively battling existential terror threats and violent extremism.

ERT’s operational capabilities have been majorly bolstered to achieve high precision and effectiveness, owing to the nature of their assignments that put their lives on the line.

While officiating the closing ceremony, the Director of Anti-terrorism Police Unit (ATPU) Mr Mudambi Kola congratulated the team for its resilient efforts and indubitable will to serve the country.

Mr. Kola, who was representing the Director of Criminal Investigations (DCI) Mr Mohamed Amin, further assured the public that his team was mission ready to deal with any threats posed by violent extremist groups.
The ATPU Commander further thanked the United States Anti Terrorism Assistance (ATA) program for facilitating the high level training – noting that the US government had been a salient partner in the war against terrorism.

He noted that through ATA, the program manager Mr Mike Solis had championed numerous trainings and lobbied for modern-day equipment to boost the team’s capacity.

Mr Kola also acknowledged the support of the CEO Honda Mega Mr David Kiseko, who expressed his company’s willingness to donate advanced bikes to the team in order to enhance its operations.

Honda Mega joins Triple Tap Academy which has been providing seamless facilitation of crucial support services whenever the tactical team converges at the venue. It’s founder, Eng. Sammy Onyango, is also part of the team’s shooting trainers in close quarter battles.

As DCI’s Anti-Terrorism Police continue to sharpen their skills to engage in the war against terrorism, while embracing joint trainings with other service’s specialized teams, the Director DCI affirms the Directorate’s commitment to quell all threats that challenge the sacredness of life.

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