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Governor Otuoma worried on state of health in Busia County

Dr Paul Otuoma, the Busia County governor.

Busia County governor Dr Paul Otuoma has decried poor state of infrastructure in the county, asking residents not to rely on other counties.

Speaking when he was addressing the plight of Busia residents, the governor lamented the unfortunate fact that patients from Busia County can still be seeking medical assistance in the neighboring county of Kisumu.
“It’s a pity that the dialysis machine at the Busia county referral hospital is dysfunctional, forcing patients to seek similar services in Kisumu,” he said.

“The Intensive Care Unit is also dysfunctional because of a panel which was taken away and has not been replaced yet it cost Sh500,000.”

Otuoma’s worry is not only on medical state of affairs in Busia; the poor parking conditions is also another area that the former Funyula member of parliament expressed his reservations with.

He observed that Busia County has never collected revenue from car parking lots, simply because there has never been an order and strategy to be used to collect money from those who park their vehicles in the border County.

To ensure that there is fair distribution of county resources across all the seven sub-counties, the governor reassured his residents that there will be construction of at least a single flagship project in each and every constituency.
“The Busia Economic Forum and the task force I appointed to oversee operations until I form the government will help solve these teething challenges with the help of development partners,” he said.

On matters of health, Busia County has been on the headlines because of its proximity to the neighboring country of Uganda. Uganda is currently on the radar of WHO due to Ebola outbreak that is now gaining strength day by day. So far, more than twenty people have already been reported to have succumbed to the deadly virus.

Governor Otuoma asked Busia County residents to be on the lookout on anyone who has signs of Ebola virus, and to report the same to the nearby health practitioners.

Dr Paul Otuoma became the second governor of Busia County after his predecessor, Sospeter Ojaamong, completed his two-term limit. Earlier, Otuoma had unsuccessfully contested the seat twice.

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