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Raila Odinga took supporters on another wild goose chase

By Chris Omondi

Pictures of yesterday’s demonstrators venting their anger on the police officers.

Azimio leader Raila Odinga and his compatriots publicised 20th March 2023 as the Date with Destiny and once more raised expectations of his supporters that this time round bring something home.

However what was billed as the turning point in Kenya’s political history ended up to be another running battle with the overzealous Kenya police, a 2 billion shillings loss to the economy and injuries and loss of lives to Raila Odinga’s loyal supporters.

Every individual who has been following Kenya’s politics in recent times thought that this time round there would be some tangible outcome as promised by the Azimio leader. As I write this article, we’re actually on date 21st of March. Birds are chirping as usual. People are off to their daily activities. Other than the public holiday which Raila Odinga delivered, the President of Kenya is still William Samoei Ruto – and everything is intact.

Raila Odinga could not even deliver the March to Statehouse he had promised to the chagrin of his loyal supporters who expected more. Instead the Azimio leader has promised to put his loyal supporters through a weekly performance of what we saw yesterday.

An analogy of a hunting lioness

Whenever I look at National Geographic World, or NatGeo World, I always realize that once a lioness or an cheetah spots a prey, the hunting beast always stays calm – making sure that the hunted prey doesn’t see it at all, or sense her presence. The lioness or the cheetah will make sure that her targeted prey remains oblivious of her presence, intentions and advancements. The main aim of this stealthiness is so that she can catch the prey and have a delicious lunch or supper for herself and her pups. That is the best hunting lesson that people need to borrow from what we do watch on such TV programs. Going by the above analogy, anyone who followed Raila’s 20th March declaration would simply know that nothing tangible would come from this.

Of course, there were three demands that were put on the table by jakom (for Ruto to meet) but those were just a chip of what Raila’s supporters’ expectations were. Even going by the manner with which the state ordered for the reinforced security around all State Lodges in major towns across the country, and the main State House in Nairobi, the tension was rife both in the camp of the government, and in the camp of Azimio.

The truth, however, is that by the aborted ‘March to State House” Raila’s supporters’ expectations whatever they were, were not met and people are still languishing in high cost of living. President Ruto will still carry on with the skewed selection of new IEBC members and the IEBC servers may never be opened after all.

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