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“Unlawful constructors will be stopped” Says Wamatangi

Kiambu governor Kimani Wamatangi has cautioned those constructing buildings unlawfully. Wamatangi said those caught constructing buildings unlawfully will be stopped, their buildings demolished and charged in court. He was speaking in Ruaka where a five-storey building under construction collapsed near Fortune Club on Thursday morning.

The solution to this problem is to ensure it does not happen. If one has not followed the law, construction should be stopped, building demolished and the person arraigned.” Wamatangi said.

This comes just three days after at least three people died and several others were rescued from a collapsed building in Kasarani.

Wamatangi said the problem must be solved at the root.

Hatuezi kuwa tunangojea manyumba kama haya yaporomeke alafu watu wafe ndo tuanze utaratibu. Unakaa ni kama ni kawaida kwamba tunasema tunaenda kwa nani kufanya upelelezi,” he noted.

This loosely translates to,” We can’t be waiting for buildings to collapse for us to take action. It looks as if we are normalising these trends.”

The governor said investigations have already been conducted on the collapsed building and the files are already with the DPP. 

Governor Wamatangi further added that he is only waiting for a go-ahead from the DPP to arraign those responsible.A rescue team rushed to the site with one person already rescued.Kiambu county fire brigade, Red Cross and police officers were also on site.

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