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Pastor Ng’ang’a gifts mama Mbugua with a car

Pastor Ng’ang’a (standing right, and in cap) with mama Mbugua. The preacher gifted mama Mbugua with a car.

Controversial preacher, pastor Ng’ang’a, was in the news, this time round, for good reasons: gifting his old friend, mama Mbugua, with a car.

The ‘man of God’ heaped praises on the lady whom he described as having contributed immensely in him raising from grass to grace. Mama Mbugua, the preacher recalled, used to buy his fruits when he was still a hawker, pulling a cart in the streets of Mombasa soon after he was released from Shimo La Tewa prison. “This woman here, I met her in the church that I used to worship at after I left prison,” Ng’ang’a recalled, before he could continue. “She used to buy fruits from my mkokoteni. Her husband also loved me very much. They would buy me lunch and encourage me to continue with my hustle. This woman would step out and buy a lot of fruits from me. She would go to the supermarket, but she chose to support me.”

The fond memories provoked the preacher to order his wife to go home and let mama Mbugua choose a car of her choice (among the five that they own in their compound).
“Please go home with her, so she can choose one car. There are five cars in my home, chose what you want, it will be fuelled and you go with it to Mombasa,” the controversial preacher ordered his wife, Murugi.

Pastor Ng’ang’a is rumoured to be among the wealthiest preachers in Kenya. He is said to own several assets in the country, among them Sunny Hill Hotel in Naivasha, and a multi-million residential home located along the Kipevu Road in Karen (among others). The preacher is also known to be cruising in some of the state-of-the-art cars in town. Gifting mama Mbugua with one of his cars, therefore, wouldn’t be something that the pastor Ng’ang’a would feel to have shaken him.

Before he had gifted mama Mbugua with one of his cars, pastor Ng’ang’a was always on the headlines and news bulletins for all wrong reasons. He is remembered to have allegedly hit a pedestrian along Nakuru-Nairobi highway with his white Ranger Rover car. Recently, the pastor Ng’ang’a was beemed live, through his Sasa TV channel, slapping some of his congregants, and even uttering unpalatable words – which aren’t consistent with the Christian faith that he professes. Gifting mama Mbugua with a car is therefore a huge break from a string of bad news always associated with the controversial preacher.

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