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Aisha Jumwa praises Leadership Accelerator Programme

Cabinet Secretary Aisha Jumwa, during a past event.

Public Service and Gender Cabinet Secretary (CS) Aisha Jumwa praised of Leadership Accelerator Programme for empowering women in the media.

The Cabinet Secretary was speaking at the Leadership Accelerator Programme, during the Programme’s 6th graduation ceremony which was conducted virtually, and went ahead to give an assurance that her Ministry was committed to support related ventures in the future.

Leadership Accelerator Programme aims at helping women in media to play a similar, or equal role, with their male counterparts to achieve a level playing field for both genders in media industry. “As a Ministry, we commit to collaborate and support such ventures in the future through our existing programmes as well as others that we could come up with collaboratively for the benefit of our men and women in the media towards advocating for gender equality not just in the media but in all sectors,” she said.

During the meeting – even as she made her contributions, the CS urged the graduates to stand tall and make their voices heard. She asked them to make sure that they are impactful, not just in media fraternity, but in all sectors. “To the winners, today marks your first step towards making the necessary change in your lives, in your careers and in other spaces. Please go ahead and conquer!”

In this year’s Leadership Accelerator Programme, the number of graduates who had enrolled were 183. Mrs Jumwa thanked the Leadership Accelerator Programme for training their focus on women, and even going ahead to create awareness on gender-based violence.

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