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Kisumu Tuskeys supermarket seized over rental arrears.

The Victoria Blue Services (VBS) auctioneers has put all the assets belonging to Kisumu branch Tuskeys supermarket into auction, forcing the branch to completely shut down.

Tuskeys supermarket failed to pay its rental arrears amounting to more than 26million Shillings, resulting to its stalk auctioneering and eventually the closure.

The auctioneers (VBSA) however, said that there were ongoing talks between their client and the supermarket, noting that it was just a small dispute.

“This is a small dispute, our client and Tuskeys are talking.’ the auctioneers proprietor Mr Apollo said.

On Thursday August 20 when the supermarket’s retailers had been caught unaware of the closure, the branch manager Mr Wilson Kanyi declined to comment on the move by the auctioneers

The seized stocks and assets included furniture, kitchenware, electronic appliances, sports equipments, shelves, clothes among others.

The country has been going through economical strains for the past five months after the Covid19 epidemic stroke the nation. This has caused shut down to many businesses, rendering many Kenyans jobless and cashless.

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