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Kenya Power has given reason for countrywide blackout

Kenya Power engineers at a site, repairing their equipments.

Kenya Power has issued a statement confirming the countrywide power blackout. The blackout happened immediately after a Cameroon’s game.

In their statement, the power distributor said that the blackout has been caused by ‘system disturbance’.
“We have lost bulk power supply to various parts of the country due to a system disturbance and we are working to restore normalcy within the shortest time possible,” reads the statement in part.

Kenya Power will issue an update on the restoration progress in due course.

“We apologise to our customers for the inconvenience caused,” said Kenya Power. This comes at the heart of daily committed fans of football who are currently glued onto their television sets – watching World Cup games.

The blackout happened immediately the game between Cameroon’s Indomitable Lions and Switzerland had ended. The game ended 1-0 in favour of Switzerland.

Kenya Power has been on the recieving end of blame games anytime soccer enthusiasts are glued to their television sets, following a match, and then power goes out.

However, the mere acceptance of responsibility by Kenya Power isn’t enough. The on and off behaviour of power supply is something that many Kenyans have tolerated for quite a long time now.

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