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Peninah Malonza to automate charges in tourism industry

Tourism, Heritage and Wildlife Cabinet Secretary nominee Peninah Malonza, during her vetting yesterday.

Tourism, Wildlife and Heritage Cabinet Secretary nominee Peninah Malonza on Wednesday said that she would consider automation of ticketing in Tourism industry.

Madam Malonza was speaking during her vetting session by the National Assembly Committee on Appointments. She was specifically answering a question posed by Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly, Madam Gladys Boss Shollei, who wanted to know what the lady Cabinet Secretary (CS) would do differently to enhance revenue being collected in tourism industry in Kenya.

“I will not only want to look at the issue of numbers because we can have numbers but, if it’s not bringing value to this nation, I will re-look our revenue collection modalities,” she said.

Peninah further said that she’d not go for numbers to determine on who to be considered for promotion of tourism industry in Kenya, but will rather be looking for valuable options.
“I will specifically be picking on five high value, and contacting through our vehicle that we call Magical Kenya, promotion trade fairs, and end to end marketing with them,” she said.

Tourism industry has been the piller in Kenya’s economy. The sector has racked in billions (per year) into the country through wildlife – and other Kenyan heritage, like the many lakes that the country has; mountains that are around – plus other cultures and traditional costumes that have gone past Kenyan borders to market the country, like the Maasai’s dressing designs.

Specifically, Coastal region has had a great impact on the country’s tourism economy, due to the many breaches that dot the region – where tourists frequent during their vacations. In turn, the region has sprung tall to remain the backbone of tourism industry in Kenya in terms of how it pumps revenue into the economy.

The outgoing Cabinet Secretary of Tourism, Najib Balala, is deemed to be the longest serving CS of Tourism, having been in the docket even before the Jubilee administration came into power in 2013.

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