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Is Raila Odinga’s influence in luo Nyanza diminishing?

Deputy president William Ruto received heroic welcome at Kondele with chant in praise of the hustler, this was least expected.

The president led the country In celebrating 58th madaraka day in Kisumu, prior to the celebration the president and former prime minister launched different projects In the region.

It was the first time in history that the event was being held in Kisumu.

As the event was going on a charged crowd was waiting dignitaries at Kondele, a place known for violence. Contrary to everyone’s expectations deputy president William Ruto was given heroic welcome and forced to address.

William Ruto is said to have launched grassroot empowerment projects in Kisumu that might be bearing fruits.

Is luo Nyanza shifting from Raila Odinga’s dominance or is it democracy?

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