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I have no problem with the police on the misuse of religion

Mr Ezakiel Odero (in white gown), behind the bar.

The recent happenings in religious circles in Kenya have left many people astounded. Many had erroneously taken religion for Christianity.

I may not be having the temerity to know whether the accused ‘servants of God’ are innocent or not, but the truth is that there are a lot that raise questions without answers, as far as what is coming out about them is all about. As a Christian myself, I have been struggling to understand the nexus between ‘church’ and the cemetery that is being said to belong to either Nthenge Mackenzie, or Mr Ezakiel (I am deliberately avoiding to refer the two as men of God owing to the prevailing debacle surrounding their ‘service’ to God).
The issue of the two running the cemetery has rightfully raised questions from the public and any other relevant authority, like the Kenya Police. To those who are Christians, like myself, it’s important to know that God is a giver of life; He is the Life Himself. The two men have been boasting of having spiritual powers to even raise people from the dead. They claim to have special spiritual giftings of praying for people to get healed – of whatever disease.

However, from the cases that they’re facing before the court, one can only wonder why they could not pray for their victims way much before the victims succumbed to various illnesses and diseases.

Another significant point (and this is serious) is the manner with which the adherents of these guys have continually gone bare Knuckle against the government and any other person who would dare speak I’ll against their ‘man of God’. It’s not something unusual to hear how Ezakiel’s followers are insulting other people on social media. To them, the government is persecuting the church, and their man of God. They have deliberately decided to avoid seeing the syndicate and rumours surrounding their ‘pastor’.
To sum up all these, the most important thing to note is that religion in not Christianity, or faith in Jesus Christ. No, religion is a totally different ball game.

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