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Hilda Achieng seeks justice for daughter killed in Class for giving wrong answer

Hilda Achieng.

A woman by the name Hilda Achieng on Thursday left many Kenyans tongues wagging after the story of her daughter was shared by human rights activist Mr. Boniface Mwangi.

According to Boniface Mwangi, the 8 year old daughter of Hilda Achieng was hit in class by a teacher for giving a wrong answer which led to her demise.

To make it crude, the school bribed the late Michelle’s classmates with 30 Kenya shillings each to swipe the issue under the carpet before her lifeless body was dumped at the Mama Lucy hospital.

“Hilda Achieng wants justice. Her 8 years old daughter Michelle answered a question wrongly in class, her class teacher hit her on the head and killed her.

“The school dumped her body at Mama Lucy Hospital. They bribed her classmates with KES 30 each to keep quiet. Her mother discovered the body in the morgue. When she went to the school to protest, she was arrested and held at Kayole Police Station.” Revealed Boniface Mwangi.

The activist added that the Kayole police officer (Victor) in charge of the case told Hilda Achieng to give birth to another kid since she was still too young and fertile. Further, Boniface Mwangi stated that Mama Lucy hospital is fully involved in the conspiracy since they have never released an autopsy report to date. 

“Victor, the investigating officer from Kayole Police Station who was assigned the case told her “You’re young, you should go get more babies.” It’s two months since her daughter was murdered. Mama Lucy Hospital have refused with the autopsy report. National Police Service Njeri Wa Migwi – Mwangi Usikimye Sema Ukweli Kenya.” He said in a statement shared on his social media handles.

In the meantime, the revelation by Boniface Mwangi angered many netizens who called upon the directorate of criminal investigations (DCI) to pursue the matter so that Hilda Achieng gets justice for her late daughter who was butchered in the school.

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