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KANU’s Gideon Moi and Nick Salat escalate war of words

A looming battle in KANU party has ignited a standoff between the party chairman Gideon Moi and its Secretary General Nick Salat.

The chairman, former Senator for Baringo County, has suspended the party Secretary General (SG) Nick Salat for what the former termed as a disrespect to him (Gideon Moi). The son of Kenya’s second president has taken the step for an alleged misconduct and violation of the party constitution by Mr Salat. On his part, the KANU SG has outrightly rubbished the purported suspension, claiming that Gideon Moi has no temerity and wherewithal to suspend him.

According to Salat, Gideon Moi and himself were installed as party’s chairman and Secretary General respectively, in the year 2012, but on an interim basis. He further revealed that their installation in those two powerful positions were on the grounds that there would be party elections through National Delegates Conference (NDC), a move that didn’t take place till to date. That has informed Mr Nick Salat to grow thick skin – dismissing threats of removal by Mr Gideon Moi.

Salat further lamented the deteriorating fortunes being witnessed in the independent party, KANU.
“Small parties are coming up, winning seats and the presidency, but for us, we are stuck because of an individual. I told him off and that is why he is suspending me,” he said.

“In 2017, we had 11 MPs, now we have six. We had 64 MCAs, but now we have 30. We have no governor. And even the few who were elected, fought on their own. The party did not help them,” he added.

“Why are we glorifying him and we are not helping the party?” he posed.

Kanu is the country’s oldest and longest serving ruling party. The party ruled for 24 years when Gideon’s father, former president Daniel Moi, was the president and as the party boss.

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