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Drama as mourners disrupt Abenny Jachiga’s hurried burial

Mourners in East Kolwa village in Kisumu county this morning stopped a hurried scheduled burial of fallen Ohangla icon Abenny Jachiga who passed on yesterday in a Kisumu hospital.

The Police picked up the body from Port Florence hospital at 8.00 am this morning and headed to his home for the burial which was scheduled to take place at 9.00 am. It’s still not clear why the burial was being conducted in such a hurried manner with villagers wondering why he was being treated like a potential covid19 case.

Angry youths and fans of the musician went ahead of the police entourage and covered the grave that was intended for the burial while chanting the name of the late music icon. They also threw stones at the police vehicles that were manning the area. The stand-off between the police and the mourners went on as we went to press.

Ugenya politician Hon. Daniel Juma Omondi has called on the government to facilitate a proper and dignified send-off for the Luo music Icon who was loved by many, in the public interest.

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