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DP William Ruto tells off Raila over Covid19 funds audit

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Kenyan Deputy President William Samoei Ruto has criticized the opposition leader Raila Odinga for his stand on the alleged theft on Covid-19 funds.

Ruto hit out at Raila for insisting on a professional audit of Covid-19 funds unlike in the past before handshake when Raila advocated for people to be taken to court and take political responsibility on suspected corruption matters.

“Today they are telling us no no no lets wait for professional audit. Gentlmen, my friends, your double speak is so loud and your double standards are so obvious and so glaring that it doesn’t matter where you look it from.”

The Deputy President added that all the investigative bodies are independent and that they do not require any lectures on what to do. Ruto was responding to ODM’s statement that advocated for a special audit on the alleged Covid-19 funds mismanagement.On their side, the Orange Democratic Movement maintained that they were not condoning corruption by championing for a special audit.

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