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Govt urged to reintroduce milk program in schools

Fafi MP has asked the national government to reintroduce in schools the famous milk program of 1990s.

Speaking yesterday, the legislator was adamant that the milk program is well within the national government’s arm’s reach, asking them to give it a shot.

The announcement comes hot on the heels of the legislator’s own initiative of giving milk to primary and junior secondary school pupils in within his Fafi constituency.

Over 4,000 primary and junior secondary school children in all 28 primary schools in the constituency will receive two packets of 200ml milk a day for the five school days of the week.

“We are requesting the Kenya Kwanza government, where I am a member, to also adopt this programme. We have done this to showcase that this is doable and it doesn’t cost much . We need to build a healthy society through prevention and building the immune systems of our generation especially our young ones. That way, we will be building a very strong and healthy nation. That is my humble request to the government,” he said.

Speaking in support of the legislator’s move, Kamuthe Primary School head teacher Abdinasir Hussein said pupil numbers have already significantly gone up since word went around about fee milk.

“I can tell you the numbers have already risen. We have already received 50 new children in the last one week and nd we are optimistic more will come. That tells you the impact the programme is already having. Long may it continue,” he said.

Local administrators, led by Bura East deputy county commissioner Thomas Bett, warned the teachers and boards of management against selling or diverting elsewhere the milk meant for children, warning that stern action would be taken against any culprit.

“The chiefs and teachers have a responsibility to ensure that this milk is only given to the school-going children. We don’t want to see this milk out there by other people or hear stories that the store has been broken into and the milk has been stolen,” Bett said.

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