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Silas Jakakimba dumps Raila Odinga & ODM

Lawyer Silas Jakakimba tendered his resignation on Friday, March 17, from from his advisory role to the Azimio Party Leader Raila Odinga and further notified the Office of the Registrar of Political Parties of his resignation from the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM).

Mr Jakakimba recently blamed Winnie Odinga for a verbal assault on him for using the photo of President Ruto and Homabay Governor. Jakakimba currently serves Homabay Governor Gladys Wanga of Homabay as political advisor,

“This is to inform your office that I have resigned, effective immediately as (Life) Member of the ODM Party of Kenya. Kindly effect this decision by striking out my name from Party’s Office Membership Register,” read his letter.

“I am privileged to share in the rare pride that I have been there with you as you waved several challenges to see to an overhaul of our then governance architecture into a new constitutional dispensation that codified Devolution at the very centre of our governance – a lasting legacy that remains to stand on your name through to yonder generations,” he stated.

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