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Bishops ‘bless’ deputy president Rigathi Gachagua’s new office

Deputy President Hon. Rigathi Gachagua was today paid a visit by a number of bishops at his new office, at Harambee House annex.

The bishops had visited the second in command following the recently concluded presidential elections, which elevated the former Mathira Member of Parliament to the deputy president status.

The men of clothe had gone there to ‘bless’ the office before the new sheriff in town would take charge as the second in command, after President William Ruto.

Currently, man ‘Riggy G’, as he is currently referred to (following his newly acquired presidential status), is the one at the steering wheel of the country as President Ruto is away on official duties in the United Kingdom – and later on, to the United States.

On receiving his visitors today, the DP was full of optimism that they would steer the country in the right direction. “I thank our Bishops for taking time to bless the office and commit our work to God as I help President William Ruto in managing the affairs of our Great Nation,” said Gachagua.

The deputy president also received a briefing from staff at his new office as he gets ready for work.
“We are now ready to work and change our country’s trajectory towards recovery.  I have settled at my new office at Harambee House Annex and it is all systems go.” He continued.

The Kenya Kwanza administration, although still early in office, has been receiving backlash from Kenyans for ‘spiritualizing’ everything. They have been accused of attributing almost anything to prayer, and to God – even in instances where it is obvious that there was no spiritual intervention that made things happen.

All eyes will now be on the two most powerful Kenyans once the President is back into the country from his official duties in the United States. They will have an in-tray to sort out before they would steady the sinking Kenyan economy.
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