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Limuru traders decry bad state of road network

Residents of Limuru sub-county have decried poor state of their roads, and have asked the area MP to facilitate the repairs.

Speaking during demonstrations stagged by area residents, traders in the area lamented how they’ve lost a lot due to insecurity attributed to poor roads.

Police who had arrived in time had a difficult time removing the stones used to barricade the road.

“Thieves waylay people in the evening and rob them since very few boda boda operators accept to ferry people owing to potholes, and its slippery nature when it rains,” said Michael Wainaina.

Another resident, Nelly Njeri, said that they are forced to close their businesses early in the evening from 6 pm in fear of thugs turning to them.

“We have green groceries, shops and kiosks which we are forced to close so early since people go home early in fear of being attacked,” she added.

A resident Purity Muthoni alleges that she sustained a fracture on her hand when the boda boda she was traveling on slid on a slippery road and rolled.

Led by an activist Stephen Mwangi, the locals asked area MP John Kiragu to ensure the road is improved.

Mwangi said the roads were commissioned for construction last year by Kenya Rural Roads Authority and former MP Peter Mwathi but its construction stopped last year under unclear circumstances.

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