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Zambian President Edgar Lungu concedes electoral defeat.

Countrymen, women and youth,

Six years ago, you entrusted me to lead you on a journey to build our country after the death of His excellency, President Sata.

This show of trust that I lead you in January, 2015 was unexpected and I accepted it with humility and gratefulness.

In 2016, you, the Zambian people, decided yet again to give me a fresh mandate for Five years.

I received that show of support with great honour.

I want to thank you, the Zambian people, for giving me such a great opportunity to be your president.

I will forever cherish and appreciate that authority you vested in me. All I ever wanted was to serve my country to the best of my abilities, together with you, we indeed scored in many areas.
Of course, there were challenges, but what I appreciated was your support throughout.

We held our general elections on Thursday, 12th August, 2021, and the electoral commission of Zambia have released the final election results.
Based on the revelation of the ecz final results, I will comply with the constitutional provisions for a peaceful transition of power.

I would like to congratulate my brother, the president-elect, HE, Mr Hakainde Hichilema for becoming the 7th president.Let me also congratulate all those who participated in this general election and won at various levels. To those who did not, there is always another time.

Lastly, I would like to thank all those who voted for my party, the Patriot Front and I. To you I say, your vote was not in vain, please continue supporting us.

I wish you well and may the good Lord bless our Republic, Zambia.

I thank you.

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