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“Rise up and be the change”, Faith Anne urges the youths.

Faith Anne, a journalist and a communication expert calls on the youths to rise up and stand for the change the country needs. The Umoja 2 ward Mca aspirant has called and urged the youths to avoid ill motive politicians who use and dump them after clinching the targeted seats.

Speaking to Nyanza Daily newspaper, Mrs. Faith condemned the sinful acts by those political leaders who use and dump youths for their hunger for power. She said that she is much aware of the experience and feelings one undergoes after being used and later abandoned.

” I am aware of the experience and feelings, and it could point to the reason of low voter registration we are currently experiencing as a Nation,” Faith noted.

Youths are the majority in the country in terms of voters and they play key roles in electing leaders, surprisingly, they are the least in leadership dispensation. One may conclude that youths are enemies of themselves but to Faith Anne, this is just a myth that should not bar them, youths from getting into leadership positions.

“Youths are not their own enemies, but have been exploited by past and some present elected leaders. We need to change this narrative. A leader must deliver their manifesto that got them elected. This is their report card. If we check back on their manifesto and they have not fulfilled their promises, then surely we have no choice but to go for a better option,” she added.

As young as she is, Faith says that she is ready and prepared to lead and represent the Umoja2 ward residents in the County Assembly of Nairobi. She has also accused the current sitting ward representative of incompetency and poor infrastructure development.

In her view, Faith says that civic education should be the best approach to find a solution for commercialized politics rather than issue based politics.

She says that in her leadership position, listening to people is her first priority. Youths must be empowered to reduce the rate of poverty and crime in this country as Faith puts it.

She concluded by urging young people and those who are first time voters to note that bad leaders are elected by good citizens who don’t vote.

Umoja2 ward is one of the wards within Nairobi county that registered fairly a good number of new voters in the just finished country wide voter registration exercise by the independent electoral and boundary commission (I.E.B.C).

Benard Lucas (Mc Ressy)
A media practitioner, event organizer, a writer and a poet. A world class motivational speaker.

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