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“We will field Presidential candidate come 2022” – One Kenya Alliance

The One Kenya Alliance has announced that one of their party leaders will be a candidate for President come 2022. The coaltion announced this after a two day retreat of their leaders at the Rift Valley Country Lodge. Read the One Kenya Alliance statement below:


Naivasha, August 17, 2021

We have convened at the Great Rift Valley Lodge as the highest organs of the One Kenya Alliance – Principals’ Summit and Joint Parliamentary Group – to deliberate on the numerous reports submitted by the Technical Team.

We wish to register our deep sense of satisfaction with the progress we are making as One Kenya Alliance. We reaffirm that our commitment to building a just, inclusive and prosperous nation under the auspice of OKA is solidly on course.

As an Alliance anchored on shared ideals of individual freedom, national unity, equal economic and social opportunities for all, we recognize that we carry the aspirations of millions of Kenyans who yearn for a responsive and reliable leadership bound by the rule of law.

Therefore, our gathering today has culminated in a collective agreement to roll out an array of joint public engagement activities. We will not only share our primary agenda of HOPE on the bedrock of an economic liberation but also demonstrate that in One Kenya Alliance, Kenyans have a unique opportunity to bestow their sovereign power on a responsible and trustworthy leadership.

Indeed, we are also aware that the Court of Appeal is set to rule on the Constitution Amendment Bill (2020), this Friday, August 20, 2021. As an alliance that believes in the rule of law, we shall accept and respect the verdict of the courts. Irrespective of the outcome, we wish to restate that our resolve to be the leadership committed to seeing a one united Kenya.

As the “GREAT RIFT VALLEY DECLARATION”, we hereby unequivocally state that One Kenya Alliance will field a presidential candidate in next year’s general elections. And the candidate is here.

Therefore, our main vision and mission is to resuscitate Kenya’s economy and hence, we require practical solutions to the economic challenges our people are grappling with. Empty narratives and sloganeering on economic models are not the antidote to our challenges.

What we require as a country is to intensify the war against graft in order to salvage public resources diverted for personal gains and channel them to spur our economy.

As an Alliance that firmly believes in zero tolerance to corruption, we call on President Uhuru Kenyatta to unleash the full wrath of the law and rid our national leadership of people with a strong affinity for plunder. More than ever, we stand a chance to strengthen institutions mandated to fight graft through adequate funding and protection against interference.

Additionally, we must revert to the most fundamental governance principle that must underpin all our economic and social policies: public participation. No one knows better how to lift a majority of our population out of poverty more than Kenyans themselves.

As we approach the 2022 general elections, we do so with full understanding of the volatility of our political landscape as a country. Many a times, we have teetered on the path of electoral violence instigated by leaders who’ve made it their personal endeavors to incite people against each other for political expediency. We urge Kenyans to shun such leaders and jealously guard our country against brinkmanship and constant threats of senseless violence.

In this regard, we support the independence of the electoral commission and we cannot afford to destabilize the IEBC a year to the elections. As the body mandated to oversee the elections, Kenyans are looking forward to a commission that will deliver a free, fair, credible, and verifiable elections.

Thank you and God bless Kenya.

One Kenya Alliance

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