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Wajackoyah to introduce snake farming

Controversial Roots Party presidential candidate Prof. Wajackoyah has said he will introduce snake farming in the country if elected president of Kenya in the August 9th elections.

Speaking to citizen TV’s JK Live on Wednesday night, Wajackoyah accompanied by his running mate Justina Wambui said there are many snake eaters like the Chinese and one of the ways to offset our debts to China is by extracting the poison and then giving the Chinese the meat to eat and telling them to offset the debt.

“I will make Kenya a 4 days working economy so that the Muslim can have a Friday to go to the mosque, SDAs will have Saturday, Christians on Sunday & Rastafarians choose among the three where they belong. Kenyans will work for 8hrs in 3 shifts in a 24hr economy.” Says Wajackoya

The roots party manifesto now include; introduction of marijuana, introduction of snake farming, work four days a week, make Friday a public holiday, introduce 24hrs 8hr shift economy and introduction of regional governments headed by 8 prime Ministers.

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