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Uhuru orders price of Unga to be reduced to Kshs 100

President Uhuru Kenyatta has announced the 5th stimulus package on food subsidies that will see the price of 2kgs pack of maize do down to Kshs 100 with immediate effect. Speaking at State House on Wednesday, July 20, the president suspended the Import Declaration Fee (IDF) imposed on imported maize as well as the fuel development levy on its transport.

Uhuru made the following declarations:

1. The railway development levy on all imported maize stands suspended

2. The import declaration fee on all imported maize is also hereby suspended

3. Maize flour shall retail at Ksh. 100 down from Ksh. 205 for a 2kg packet until otherwise directed

Speaking in the company of Agriculture Cabinet Secretary Peter Munya and maize milling companies at State House Nairobi, Uhuru pointed every political election season attracts maize floor crisis in the country noting that in July 2012, the price of a 2kg packet of Unga shot up from Ksh70 to Ksh130. he also noted that in May 2017, the price shot up to Ksh189 and currently the price has shot up again to Ksh205.

He suggested that the surge in Unga prices is partly motivated by profit motives from the millers and added that crop failure, locust invasion, logistic challenges as a result of COVID-19 and the prevailing war in Ukraine have pushed the cost of basic food items beyond the reach of vulnerable groups. 

The president appealed to the millers to put aside their differences and consider the local mwananchi who is being hurt by the current Unga prices.

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