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Ruto ally Harun Aydin “Deported” to Turkey

Harun Aydin

Ruto ally Harun Aydin was this morning deported to Turkey after being detained for questioning by Anti-Terrorism Police Unit.

This development was revealed to Aydin’s lawyers who had arrived at the Kahawa Law Courts where he was to be arraigned in court.

Deputy President William Ruto confirmed that he had spoken to Harun and condemned the government for his arrest and deportation.

Earlier in the day, Lawyer Ahmedinasir Abdulahi who was waiting to represent Aydin in court tweeted “With my legal team at Kahawa Law Courts waiting to see whether the government and the Office of the Public Prosecutions have the guts to bring Harun Aydin to the court or will engage in the usual act of skullduggery that defines the modus operandi of my BELOVED JUBILEE government. “

According to Ruto, Harun was asked to leave the country after being “politically arrested, tortured and falsely profiled as a ‘terrorist’.”

“Just talked and apologised on behalf of Government of Kenya to Aydin Harun, now in Turkey, who was politically arrested, tortured and falsely profiled as a ‘terrorist’ but later asked to fly out not to shame those involved. Political pettiness is expensive/dangerous & will destroy our economy. SHAME,” Ruto tweeted.

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