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Rachael praises Philip Thigo’s appointment to the UN

First Lady Mrs Rachael Ruto has celebrated the appointment of Public Policy Expert Philip Thigo to the United Nations.

Mr Philip Thigo was appointed to an advisory body in the UN to oversee the rolling out of Artificial Intelligence (AI) programs. The First Lady lauded the immense expertise and experience that the Information Technology (IT) guru has in that field.

“Congratulations to Philip Thigo on his appointment to the United Nations High-level Advisory Body on Artificial Intelligence! Thigo is a renowned expert on technology, data and public policy,” she said.

“His dedication and expertise will undoubtedly have a significant impact on shaping the future of artificial intelligence for a more inclusive and innovative world. We look forward to his contributions to the global AI community.”

The announcement came after UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres established an advisory body on Artificial Intelligence in response to the rapid development of AI.

“His appointment to the Advisory Body signals the UN’s commitment to harness profound knowledge across AI and related fields from a variety of sectors, ensuring inclusivity in terms of gender, age, geography, and expertise,” read the statement announcing his appointment on Thursday.

The advisory body comprises 38 members (20 women and 18 men). The composition of the advisory committee is also gender sensitive, best reason why the number of female is greater than that of men.
“The body is gender-balanced, geographically diverse, and inclusive of all age groups, representing 33 countries from all continents,” read the statement in part.

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