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Leaders praise Uhuru Kenyatta as he turns 62

Uhuru Kenyatta, in his 62nd birthday.

Several leaders have lavished retired President Uhuru Kenyatta with praises after the 4th Kenyan president celebrated his 62nd birthday.

The former President has been enjoying a silent and reserved life after last year’s hotly contested general elections which saw his preferred candidate Raila Odinga lose to President William Ruto.

In tweets by different leaders, many leaders described the retired President as a visionary and focused leader who took Kenya in the right direction both politically and economically.

In his message, Khalwale said that despite supporting different sides during his presidency, he still values their friendship.
“You left two indelible marks 1. As Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, u released funds for the construction of Sigalagala Butere Road. It’s now complete. 2. You supported me financially in that by-election campaign. Welcome to Malinya for a drink brother.”

Saboti MP Caleb Hamisi had this to say. “Happy birthday former President Uhuru Kenyatta.Your resilience and hardworking nature truly shone a spotlight on Kenya. You served as a unifying force during your time as Commander In Chief. Enjoy your special day!”

Starehe MP Hon. Amos Mwango Maina said, “Happy birthday bazuu. The best president in the history of Kenya. We celebrate you today President Uhuru Kenyatta. Go out there and celebrate your day.


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