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Uhuru Kenyatta holds talks with US President Joe Biden

Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta has held talks with US President Joe Biden making him the first African leader to visit the Whitehouse since the election of Joe Biden as 46th US President.

During this meeting held on Thursday, President Biden announced the donation of 17 millions doze of coronavirus vaccines to a group of African countries.

This donation of Johnson & Johnson vaccines to the African Union came a month after Mr. Kenyatta publicly pleaded for more equitable vaccine distribution around the world.

Kenyatta who is the current President of the United Nations Security Council criticised the “asymmetry” of the vaccine supply by developed countries while African countries were unable to access enough shots for their citizens.

The meeting came a time for Kenya, which fell out with the International Court of Justice over their verdict on the Kenya Somalia. President Biden sees Kenya as a crucial partner in addressing security issues in the horn of Africa including Ethiopia, South Sudan and Somlia.

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