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Police to usher in a new era with Digital OB

There is light at the end of the tunnel for the police as a new dawn is here. For years the force has relied on manual recording of cases under the popular know OB (Occurrence Book ).

The sight of heavy, old and often messy registers will soon be a story of the past and in its place will stand new desktop computers and tablets for the officer on duty.

The tablet will act as an alternative in case the computers experience any technical snags. In case both become faulty, the old system will be in-cooperated and later on the details transferred to the digital platform.

“This is to curb long queues experienced at the reporting office, especially now during the COVID-19 pandemic,” an officer at Kasarani police post explained.

A survey in major police station revealed that officers are adapting well to the new digital OB, albeit a few challenges ranging from network problems and some officers being unable to operate the gadgets provided .

While some officers might need a fresh induction in using these gadgets, sources of News Break confirmed that a manageable number still have a long way to go.

Inspector General Hillary Mutyambai said the service will complete training officers and rolling out the system across the country in 18 months.

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