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Langata politician Jacob Jobby endorses Jalang’o for MP

Former Langata constituency aspirant for Member of Parliament Jacob Jobby Dundos has announced that he will not be on the ballot this year and instead thrown his weight behind the Langata ODM candidate Phelix Odiwuor also known as Jalan’go.

“I will not be on the ballot, but through this brother (Jalan’go), I will ensure your views are heard. We will help craft the policies we have so desired and I will be bringing him round to hear you out before we send him to the August house. Let us hold his hand. #MbelePamoja #Langata1 #AzimioCandidate.” said Jobby on his social media handle.

Jobby made his debut for Langata in 2013 but lost the ODM nominations to Joshua Olum. He thereafter contested the seat under Wiper Democratic Movement. In the 2017 elections, Jobby again vied for the ODM ticket which went to Omoke. Omoke ended up losing the seat to Nixon Korir after ODM and Wiper both NASA parties divided their support base.

Langata is a constituency with unique needs across its five wards of Karen, Nyayo Highrise, Mugumo-ini, Nairobi West and South C. It is also a constituency in which the wealthiest and the poorest are resident. All of Nairobi’s social classes domicile in Langata. It also has a national park, an airport and very powerful resident associations.

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