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Owuor on the spot as a ‘healed’ girl dies in Murang’a

Members Owuor’s Repentance and Holiness ministry during the enterrement of Faith Wanjiku’s remains, in Muranga County.

Self-styled prophet David Owuor on the spot following the death of a girl he claimed to have miraculously healed of cancer.

The girl, Patience Faith Wanjiku Mugo, died last week after her parents had stopped taking her to hospital and giving her medication, believing that Owuor’s healing worked on their daughter. Owuor had paraded people whom he claimed to have been healed of various illnesses and deadly diseases, like cancer. Like in Patience Wanjiku’s case, the self-confessed ‘mightiest mightiest’ prophets of God had lined up Patience Faith as a beneficiary of his healing miracles.

What even put Owuor on the spot is that the 10-year old Faith Wanjiku’s parents had also joined Owuor’s ‘church’, following the ‘healing’ that their daughter received from ‘the man of God’. Interestingly, Owuor was a medical doctor before he came to spiritual work of service to God, hence the title ‘Dr. Owuor’.

Many questions have been raised before, which have put Owuor on the spot, after a series of death cases associated with his Repentance and Holiness ministry. Many accidents have been reported to have happened whenever people would travel to Owuor’s miracles crusades – something which has squarely put Owuor on the spot.

Faith Wanjiku was buried in Kamahuha, Murang’a County in an emotional send-off.

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