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Mudavadi rallies Luhya community to back Ruto

Prime Cabinet Secretary Musalia Mudavadi has asked Luhya community to back Ruto in order to benefit from the government.

Mr Mudavadi was speaking in Kakamega in the presence of President William Ruto, who has been on a tour in the former Western province since the last weekend. Mudavadi asked the Luhya community to back Ruto in order to fully reap benefits that come with aligning themselves with the government.

The Prime Cabinet Secretary warned any dissidents in the Western region that they would not benefit from anything with supporting the opposition side – Azimio.
“I wonder when I see some of us here behaving like they are more Azimio than the real owners of Azimio themselves. The President is around and some sections of our people are still behaving as if they haven’t acquainted themselves with reality,” he said.

“Let this meeting be the second earthquake for the people of Western Kenya. Let this be a game changer in the way we articulate and execute our issues and how we address our challenges. Let us rise above petty politics and unnecessary humour and be serious because there is no time to waste,” Mudavadi added.

Western region has always been considered an opposition bedrock – where Azimio leader Raila Odinga has been harvesting votes than any other competitor in any election. This time round, it seems like there is an exerted effort from the ruling Kenya Kwanza government to wrest the former Western province from the tight grip of opposition chief Raila Odinga, come 2027 general election.

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