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Meet The Inspirational “Miguna Miguna”

Ezekiel Kelly Odongo.

Meet Ezekiel Kelly Odongo, the Miguna impersonator who utilizes writing and comical metaphors to inspire people. Full of humor, the young man has mastered the art of transformational speaking in the most eloquent and passionate manner.

Being the author of the book “SEEING BEYOND THE OBVIOUS,” Ezekiel utilizes thought-provoking content laced with a bold and exciting style to inspire change in people and organizations.

Having traversed many parts of the country and other neighboring regions to conduct motivational speaking and corporate trainings, Kelly has the benefit of exposure to various cultures. This aspect has enabled him to motivate and inspire all kinds of audiences, irrespective of their origins.

Kelly’s Book.

The ability of his training sessions to inspire and motivate his audience to positive action is one of the distinctive features that drives and sustains his passion for what he does. The fact that he can significantly change one or two lives out there means a lot to him.

Coming from a reasonably difficult background, he fits in and relates easily with the ideal world’s realities marked with many challenges and opportunities. Therefore, in a bid to provide timely and applicable tools to his audience, he adopts a “need-basis” approach to address social challenges as they arise.

Ezekiel is the founder of the Kelly Inspiration, where he is a corporate trainer. He also serves as a trainer at the Empowerment Resource Technologies, where he was previously mentored.

Kelly Presenting his book to The Nyanza Daily Team.

His book, SEEING BEYOND THE OBVIOUS, retails at Ksh.500 per copy. Just a brief overview of some sections, the book dwells into Wonders of Impeccable Attitude. In his perspective, Mr. Odongo opines that our attitude is the spectacle through which we view life. So powerful is the attitude that it can serve as the foundation or the impediment to our success.

As an online content creator, he regularly publishes the same on his YouTube channel, dubbed- Kelly Inspiration. You can contact him on or on +254 702576946 to get his book.

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